Kirsty Delaney is a freelance multi-faceted curator & creator.

Blending a passion for design, beauty, photography & travel, Delaney fuses these into The Collection, a long awaited idea & dream, that is now a reality.

Always looking beyond what the eye can see. 

Looking for new creative avenues with which to push her aesthetic to new heights has become a top priority for her within her businesses. Photoshop, design skills & website design have become the strongest tools in her artistic arsenal. Her love for curating social media feeds has become a part of her daily routine, in which she is becoming sought after for.

She has also used her fashion aesthetic to create another aspect to her lifestyle & This has gone hand-in-hand with the content & design of her brand. She has partnered with a global beauty & skincare company. She has created a team of over one hundred individuals, that push for a higher standard of health & beauty, as well as female support within the brand. Her team continues to grow.

Not only has partnering with a Global Company been a massive stepping stone to heightening the quality of lifestyle I have and am aiming for, but it has allowed me to massively develop my skills as a business mentor. I have used this vehicle to drive towards multiple levels of success. I am constantly looking to mentor new people into the business and show them how to achieve lifelong goals by creating a supplementary income, create flexible working times & build a business from their pocket. This business has also given me the chance to build a massive and successful global organisation, something that not a lot of companies out there can do for you. Helping others has become a huge passion for me while on my journey with this company.

Please jump on through to the Business tab if this is something that interests you &  you would possibly like to change your life. Let me help you create the lifestyle you are dreaming about!