Kirsty Delaney is a freelance multi-faceted curator & creator.

Blending a passion for design, beauty, photography & travel, Delaney fuses these into The Collection, a long awaited idea & dream, that is now a reality. Always looking beyond what the eye can see. 

Looking for new creative avenues with which to push her aesthetic to new heights has become a top priority for her within her businesses. Photoshop, design skills & website design have become the strongest tools in her artistic arsenal. Her love for curating social media feeds has become a part of her daily routine, in which she is becoming sought after for.

She has also used her fashion aesthetic to create another aspect to her lifestyle & This has gone hand-in-hand with the content & design of her brand. She has partnered with a global beauty & skincare company. She has created a team of over one hundred individuals, that push for a higher standard of health & beauty, as well as female support within the brand. Her team continues to grow.

I like to help entrepreneurs build brands that they are proud of and mentor them with decisions & strategy  that can grow their brands. Direction is absolutely everything when creating an online presence and making sure you have the correct target audience, brand identity, social media strategy, engagement tactics, etc is crucial to your product or service making a profit.

Let me help you with a re-brand, strategy or a re-direction and you will find your brand growing and converting those 'followers'  into actual customers.